Georgia Employer DISTRICT NURSING DIRECTOR in Atlanta, Georgia

The Georgia Department of Public Health is the lead agency entrusted by the people of the state of Georgia with the ultimate responsibility for the health of communities and the entire population. The agency is seeking a highly qualified candidate for the STATE position of District Nursing/Clinical Director in Fulton County. Job Responsibilities:The incumbent will plan, organize, and direct all nursing activities in assigned facilities. They will be responsible for the quality of nursing care delivered in hospitals, public health facilities, and community based programs. This position directs subordinate managers and staff. Coordinates response to disaster and emergenciesSets priorities in collecting significant data related to client and/or health care delivery problems.Evaluates demographic, epidemiologic, bio-statistical and customer data to anticipate and identify risks and patterns of morbidity and mortality.Identifies and interacts with key community leaders informally and formally as a part of the assessment process.Participates in the formal community assessment process. Represents Public Health and its role of protecting and promoting the community's health.Communicates the need for ongoing community assessments to community leaders.Explores need for public health service considering activities of other community agencies.Determines priority for offering services based on assessment of client needs and staffing requirements for program. Develops and manages the budget and makes cost effective decisionsProvides leadership in convening and facilitating community groups to evaluate health concerns identified in the assessment process.Informs policy makers about the impact of regulations, budget decisions and other factors on the health care of the community.Promotes programmatic standards of care within the community.Develops program plans for district nursing services in accordance with community needs and agency objectives.Develops policies, sets standards and plans objectives for the nursing program in accordance with established policiesAssimilates data collected regarding identified individual and/or community health needs. Sets goals and objectives for meeting the identified health needs.On basis of analysis of data and performance review of pertinent agency objectives and requirements, decides the need for revision of district nursing goals, policies and procedures. Develops and implements new processes and policy as needed.Coordinates with other agencies and programs to establish priorities for populations to be served.Develops program plans for district nursing services in accordance with community needs and agency objectives.Evaluates unit policies, procedures and processes and recommends/ implements changes to ensure that assigned unit is functioning efficiently.Develops staffing patternsAssures the provision of services to individuals and families including physical assessment, health education, counseling, developmental screening, diagnoses and treatment.Assures that prevention and intervention efforts for communicable diseases and other public health conditions are being appropriately implemented.Collaborates with the community including various health care providers to reduce barriers to providing health care.Assists the community in implementation of its intervention plan.Seeks to develop or maintain partnerships with private providers to link preventive and wellness services to primary care in the community.Seeks financial and human resources to promote the implementation of the assurance function.Evaluates nursing standards and nurse protocols for all nursing programsDefines nursing activities within specific program areas that will meet identified individual and/or community health needs.Assures that standard therapeutic regimen are implemented and maintained by all personnel under immediate and general supervision.Develops and updates protocols with the staff, Medical Director and consultant annually