Georgia Employer CERTIFIED NURSE ASSISTANT in Fayetteville, Georgia

CNA DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIESOvervie The Nursing Assistant must provide personal care and other scope of services for the client as directed in the care plan. Aides shall not Perform, Advise, or Administer any Medical needs to clients.*PERSONAL CARE TASKS: Bathing (bed, tub, shower) Routine skin care. Hair Care (comb, brush, shampoo), Oral hygiene (brush, floss, dentures), Assist with dressing and grooming, nail care (file, & clean fingernails, file and clean toe mails only) (DO NOT TRIM), Shave (DO NOT SHAVE A DIABETIC Client), prepare meals, assist with feeding; caring of incontinent patients; assist with activities of daily living (ADL).*HOUSEKEEPING TASKS: Making bed, changing linens as ordered, vacuum, sweep, dust, mop, laundry, emptying trash, wiping spills promptly, cleaning bathroom, washing dishing (ONLY area client uses).*PROPER NUTRITION: Prepare meals/clean up, encourage proper nutrition, assist with feeding, observe and report meal accumulation and food storage or cooking equipment (if needed)*HOME MANAGEMENT: Assist clients with grocery shopping, assist with paying bills, assist with food stamp applications, etc; Make emergency call for client if necessary.*MOBILITY: Assist in and out of bed/wheel chair; use of Hoyer lift for transfer (if applicable); assist with ambulation; encourage physical activity as condition permits; transfer in and out of handicap vehicles; turn/reposition patient in bed, ROM/ambulate with walker.*HEALTH CARE ACTIVITIES: Catheter care with soap and water; assist client with self- administration of medication; pick up prescription, remind client to take medication; take vital signs (if applicable).*OBSERVATIONS & DOCUMENTATION: Document all task performed on duty sheet; make sure all tasks have been completed and paperwork completed before departing; observe and report to supervisor any change in the patient's condition; continue to make sure of client's comfort and safety; report any unknown abuse or suspected abuse to supervisor; report any unsafe respect of client; perform duties in a professional manner, avoiding confrontations with client/client's representative or family members; AIDE MUST CALL (4) HOURS PRIOR TO THEIR SHIFT IF THEY ARE GOING TO BE ABSENT/LATE.*EMERGENCY PROCEDURE: Make emergency call for client if needed - call 911 - Perform CPR/First Aid if needed; call client's family member or designated person; call Eagle's Wings Healthcare Services (770-742-3488 of 770-235-6049-Cell).AIDES EXPERIENCE/QUALIFICATIONS SHALL INCLUDE but NOT LIMITED TO:*CERTIFICATION FROM THE STATE OF GEORGIA*NAME ON GEORGIA STATE REGISTRY LISTING*MUST TAKE AND PASS ASSESSMENT TEST (less than 5 yrs. related experience)*CURRENT CPR CERTIFICATION (MUST RENEW ANNUALLY)*CURRENT PHYSICAL EXAMINATION (ONCE YEARLY)*CURRENT PPD SCREENING (CHEST X-RAY)*CURRENT GEORGIA STATE DRIVER'S LICENSE OR GEORGIA STATE ID*COPY OF SOCIAL SECURITY CARDMINIMUM EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: (1). High School Diploma or GED; (2) Health related training courses or equivalent combination of education and experience.I have read the job description and qualifications and agree to adhere to the policy.* Knowledge sets include: certified nursing assistant, vital signs, patient care.