Georgia Employer PCA TRAINEE'S NEEDED in Senoia, Georgia

CareMaster Medical Service is seeking interested candidates to complete our PCA Training ProgramWhen you complete PCA Training, you will join our Dynamic Home Healthcare TEAM; being placed with a CareMaster client to provide their care.READ THIS ENTIRE POSTING!!* A PCA is a Personal Care Aide who will provide client support in the client's home; clients are (usually) adults and elderly* Training is PAID; Training will last about 2 weeks (a minimum of 40 hours training)* To be considered for the training program you should not be a Certified Nurse Aide, Experienced Nurse Assistant, PSA, etc.* This training is meant to offer an opportunity to those who "have the heart of a caregiver", but have not have the opportunity to go through training to become a CNA or PSA, etc.* Perhaps you have a little experience caring for family members or friends and you find that you have those qualities that we look for in our caregivers.AND* you have a strong work ethic (that you can be relied on to "be there" for the client on EVERY scheduled shift)* you have empathy for others, particularly the elderly* you have a desire to help othersTo be considered for our October 2017 PCA Training SessionsFOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS:Submit your "letter of interest" to: ellenh@caremastermedical.comIn your Letter of Interest, tell me "WHY" you would be a good fit for our PCA Training ProgramInclude:your namecity and state of residenceyour personal e-mail addressyour telephone numberWhen you are chosen to be included in the training program, you will be contacted You will be instructed to attend a Meet and Greet Session in order to gain more information about CareMaster Medical Service the PCA Training Program and expectations of our PCA's.